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Here are some downsides of conducting inhouse interviews:

Expert Interviewers from the Industry

At Interview Cabin, each interview round is conducted by a technical expert. Before selecting the best talent for your requirement, each candidate's technical skills, communication skills, domain knowledge, and industry experience are evaluated.

Comprehensive Interview Process

We will administer the required practical skill test, communication skill round, and technical round for you. All our interviews are comprehensive and designed to shortlist only the best for your organization.

Unbiased Hiring Procedures

Interview Cabin does not give preference to a particular gender, community, or nationality. The entire hiring procedure is purely skill-driven and structured to select the best.

Right Candidate at the Right Time

We understand the importance of recruiting the right talent at the required time. Our IAAS - interview as a service ensures that we find the best talent for your company within the expected turnaround time.

Turn to IAAS! Interview-As-A-Service.

At Interview Cabin, we provide interviews as a service to make things easier for you. Interview Cabin conducts the interviews on your behalf while you do what you do best – grow your business. Now your in-house team managers and technical architects can focus on their allocated projects without having to spare precious time and effort to conduct interviews of several candidates day after day!

Totally Optimized

Why Choose Us?

  • 10x Detailed interview summary of each interviewed candidate

  • 10x Latest AI Tools and Software for Interview and Candidate Management

  • 100x Precision-based and refined interview process

  • 20x Speed of churning out the best fit for you

  • A panel of over 100 tech experts in varied domains to conduct interviews

  • Competitive Packages that suit your requirement

  • 0x Extra waiting hours

  • 0x Delayed Feedback


Here are some downsides of conducting inhouse interviews:

The Space Constraint

Face to face or even skype interviews require a dedicated cabin or meeting room. For a practical test, companies might also need a dedicated machine with the latest software installed.

The Cost Constraint

Companies also require a dedicated HR team to screen through profiles, shortlist candidates and conduct preliminary interviews, adding to their cost factor. Companies often lose out on projects due to the unavailability of the right resource at the right time, further adding to the loss.

Doesn't this seem like a never-ending maze? Wouldn't it be great if you could get the finest talent for your company without having to deal with these constraints?

The Right Interviewer Constraint

What if you're hiring for a brand-new technology and don't have an in-house employee with that knowledge? Getting the right candidate interviewed by the wrong interviewer can be a huge mistake. Companies struggle to find the right person with the right skill set to interview their prospective employees.

The Time Constraint

Relying on your in-house team to conduct the interviews takes away from the working time of your in-house team managers (who are already stuffed with projects). Also, if the team manager doesn't turn up to work or has a client call scheduled, it can unnecessarily delay the interview.


What do you get?

  • A hassle-free and smooth recruitment process

  • 10x recruitment hours saved

  • 20x recruitment cost saved

  • Timely reports of the work on your requirement

  • Detailed Feedback, candidate score, and assessment

  • Faster Offer Roll Outs and Quick onboarding and lastly The best talent in the industry at your workplace!

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Unable to find the right candidate despite months of interviews? Find your ideal candidate with just a click. Register with us and share your requirement. Leave the rest to us!

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Are you in need of the right platform to showcase your talent? Worry not! Sign up with us, upload your resume and complete your profile. You can get interviewed by us and placed with your dream company within no time!

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Are you in need of the right platform to showcase your talent? Worry not! Sign up with us, upload your resume and complete your profile. You can get interviewed by us and placed with your dream company within no time!

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Our Founder

Rajeev Reddy (Ex-Amazon) is the founder of Hiring Eye. He has extensive experience in recruitment processes that ranges over a decade. Rajeev has diverse experience in Leadership hiring, niche hiring, and product-based hiring. He has strong experience in setting up tech teams from scratch. He was an advisor to top management and hiring managers on market intelligence and recruitment cosmos and technological challenges. He has substantial experience working with Start-Up companies like Kony labs & Innominds, where he set up the development teams.

Tech hiring has been his forte. He has hired Leadership positions from Engineering Managers, Directors ,Vice Presidents, CTO’s etc . Rajeev has the keen eye and a unique talent required for effective headhunting. Backed by an in-depth experience of recruitment for big names like Amazon, Rajeev has the right vision and exceptional skill to provide optimized recruitment solutions for your business.

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